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Irrigation Installation & Repair

sprinkler layoutA proper irrigation system begins with a drawing of the property. Once all plants and turf areas have been identified, the zones can be established based on the different watering requirements. If the ground is to be prepared, we will do so first, then install the irrigation system.

Some of the available options are a rain sensor, for automatic stopping of the irrigation system when it senses rainfall, a moisture sensor, which automatically adjusts the duration and amount of water based on current turf needs, and even a remote control.

Being a full service company means that we are there not only there for the installation, but also the blow out in the fall and the start up in the spring. During the start up, all sprinkler heads are tested for functionality and coverage. Any sprinkler heads that need attention will either be adjusted or replaced, as needed. Please call today for a no cost estimate!

Feel free to visit our irrigation company website at www.irrigationinnovation.com.



Ronkonkoma, NY 11779
(631) 585-LAWN (5296)

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